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Off Road Boots The Freedom GT Waterproof touring boot is a unique blend of modern materials, construction and design with a time tested ft, function and attention to detail. Features; The Freedom GT utilises a PU coated synthetic outer construction, which resists breaking down, deformation and thickness irregularities found in a natural material The unique closure system is achieved by using the new BOA technology ratcheting spool and stainless steel lace. The centre lacing floats over the padded and supportive tongue Synthetic stretch panels flex and wrap the instep, heel and upper calf areas perfectly. Durable suede leather panels cover the medial side of the Freedom GT guarding the boot and the bike from wear and abrasion. The shin, heel cap and calf panel use a pressure molded PU plate offering support and safety against impacts. The shin plate and instep use a full coverage hook and loop closure to seal the front of the boot against the leg or pant Laid over the top of the instep and toe box, the shifter pad is thick enough to reduce irritation yet allows complete dexterity when shifting AXO's own injection molded sole is aggressive enough to grip while walking yet glides on the foot pegs when riding The plastic mid sole and sole offer the correct amount of support reducing fatigue and guarding the bottom of the foot while riding Mesh lining and internal padding wrap your foot in comfort. Reflective inserts are placed in the rear of the boot for safety.

Size: 8, 9, 11, 12 & 13

$299.95 $229.95

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