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1. Injection Molded Shells

20% Glass Filled Nylon Shells are designed to be Flexible in places to allow the Shells to conform to the users leg for better fit and maximum control, and designed to be Rigid where necessary to resist excessive movement.

2. Forged Aluminum Parts

The Dial, Dial Fastener, Extension Stop, and Hinges are Forged from 6061-T6 Aluminum for maximum strength and then Anodized.

3. Stainless Steel Cable

The 7 x 19 Strand Core Type 304 Stainless Steel Cable is specially routed (Patent Pending) around the users leg to externally reinforce the main ligaments in the knee. The Cable is designed to be flexible, resist fatigue, and produce nearly 1000 lbs. of Tensile Strength.

4. Tendon Back Plate

The Tendon Back Plate is uniquely designed to route the Cable around the users leg in strategic locations to reinforce the main ligaments of the knee. The Tendon Back Plate is made from a special Flexible Kraton material designed to grip the users leg and prevent migration.

5. Foam Padding

The Foam Padding is made from Closed-Cell Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Foam. The EVA Foam Pads are designed to conform to the users unique leg shape providing maximum comfort and control while gripping the users leg and preventing migration. Closed-Cell EVA Foam won’t absorb moisture (sweat), so they are odorless and easy to clean.

6. Straps

The Velcro Straps are designed to be comfortable and fully adjustable. Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR) Pull Tabs are durable to make the Straps easy to use and Numbered to prompt the user to tighten the Straps in the correct order to ensure proper fit.

Size: S - L


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