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Advent Tour Jacket 

Now Part of your Adventure Deal $499.95

For Adventure Jacket and Pants

MotoDry H/duty 600D Abrasion Resistant material (+ 1500D reinforcements-shoulder & elbows) CE Armour Safety Kit (elbows & shoulders) & HDF Back Protector Hand Warmer Pockets RAS (Retractable Air System) – Un-Zip panels exposing Hi-Air-Flow Mesh (Chest, Arms & back) Adjustable Magnetic Collar Closure – Wide Opening with Fold Back Magnet Hold (2) Way Zip, Long Forearm Vents + “Elastic Hold - Ram-Air” Vents (arms, sides, shoulders) (DLS) Dual Liner System (detachable) – 1 Waterproof Liner + 1 Thermal Liner ‘Floating Rear Storage Pocket’ – never sit on your pocket again – Gusseted for increased capacity ‘Reflex’ Night Safety” Reflectives Lower Waist ‘Side Expansion Zips’ – for more comfortable seated riding Rear shoulder ‘Hydration-pack Pocket’, & Shoulder Hose Loops (Hydration bladder not included) Adjustable Waist Belt Zip for attaching to Pants

Colourways – Black (Sm>5XL), & Black/Lt Grey (Sm>5XL)

Size: S - 5XL


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