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SIDI Crossfire Motocross Boots

Sidi’s Flagship motocross boot, the new Sidi Crossfire off road boot has a number of new features including a new plastic covering across the toe, a new updated look and some updated existing Sidi features. It is now one of the lightest boots in the market. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Construction: Lorica outer shell and Cambrelle lining. What is that? Lorica is a composite material that acts like a leather skin but lighter and offering better protection. Cambrelle is the lining material that drys faster than others to help prevent mold or milew to increase the life of the boot.
Dual Flex System: Moves freely front to rear but rigid side to side for ultimate rider protection. The stitch-free upper is constructed from injection-molded plastic. With the exclusive Dual Flex system and the four floating independent straps the Crossfire can provide each rider with a personal fit.
Adjustable calf system: Allows the rider to adjust the diameter of the boot at the calf. This system, along with longer upper straps, allows the boot to accommodate riders with larger calves easier than any other boot available. The Crossfire can accommodate riders with up to a 22-inch calf diameter 14 inches above from the bottom of their heel. The inner plastic plate is made of two different materials; a rigid one to support the boot and a heat resistant one to protect the rider's leg from exhaust heat. All components of this system are fully replaceable.
Heel Detail: Three extended ribs are featured at the back of the boot to assist the rider in making upshifts with his heel when starting a race. Rigid, shock resistant, anatomically shaped heel for maximum protection.
Heat Shields: Each Sidi boot is equipped with an anti-heat undressed leather protection panel at the same height of most motorcycle’s exhaust heat shields.
Composite Insole: A cushioned liner is provided that can be removed if the rider desires a more roomy fit. Sidi does not use steel shanks riveted to its insole like most manufactures, Why? No steel shank = no rust = longer life of the boot.
Buckles: The cam-lock buckle system incorporates a strap memory retention system. Adjust the straps once and they will be at the same position for every ride after that.


$699.95 $599.95

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